The Best Restaurants in Connecticut


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Welcome to our website! In and around the lovely town of Washington you will find high quality restaurants, inns, diners, and lunchrooms that are among the best in the state of Connecticut!

Amidst wonderful vistas in a landscape that is characterized by rolling hills, high plateaus, and river and stream valleys you will definitely find a good dinner experience that appeals to your taste! The abundance of good restaurants was one of the reasons for starting our succesful business in this beautiful Litchfield county and we would like to share our experiences here with you.

And when you have found your perfect place to dine don't forget our place where you can extend your gastronomical experience with a gourmet breakfast the next morning...

The Best Restaurants in Connecticut



Dinging room with fireplace at the GW Tavern in Washington CTLet's start the list of the great restaurants in this dazzling area with our personal favorites. The G.W. Tavern here in Washington is on the top of the list because of its atmosphere, the food and - above all - the desserts!

Red circular logo with MP in white letters on wooden boardsNext on the list, located in Bantam, is Arethusa al Tavolo, also farm to table restaurant. They also have a dairy shop next door and a lunchroom (across the street). We end our list with a fairly new restaurant that is located in our neighboring town Woodbury and it is called the Marketplace. Great atmosphere and food and a very skilled and friendly staff.

This is only the top of the iceberg, there are many many more restaurants in this beautiful area within 30 minutes driving so continue reading to explore!


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