The Best Hikes in Washington CT


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Welcome to our website! Come and discover a variety of activities here in and around the lovely town of Washington and you will surely find great hikes in this breathtaking region of Litchfield county that are among the best in the state of Connecticut!

The abundance and variety of activities was one of the reasons for starting our succesful business in this amazing part of the country! We would like to share our experiences here with you.

And whether it is before or after your hiking adventure, remember that you already have found a marvellous place to stay the night...

The Best Hikes in Washington CT

Hiking and (State) Parks

Landscape with rollings hills, trees, meadows and a few buildingsIf your looking for a nice hike we are not exaggerating that Washington has a lot to offer! That's because there is the Steep Rock Association, a land trust, and they offer hikes in three of their preserves, ranging from easy riverside walks to a decent bit of climbing. Check out their maps for Hidden Valley, Steep Rock, and Macricostas. Each preserve has several unique features with great viewpoints, go and see for yourself!


Mount Tom State Park is a state-operated, public recreation area lying south of US Route 202 in the towns of Washington, Litchfield, and Morris. Bridge crossing wetlands brook with blue and white skies It is a very short hike but the view from atop Mount Tom is one of the best in the state! There is a 34 foot stone tower on top of Mount Tom which yields a 360 degree view of the surrounding area and distant landmarks. Massachusetts, New York, and a large part of Connecticut are seen from here. On the same route to Litchfield you can find White Memorial Conservation Center. They have a nice visitor center and they offer great hiking trails. Our favorite is the spectacular boardwalk hike around a beautiful lake.

To the Northwest of Washington is Kent and in this area you will find Kent Falls State Park. A beautiful paved path leads you to the top of Kent Falls. Each turn reveals new views of the falls and pools. White covered bridge crossing a brookThe river splashes down over boulders, sending up sprays of mist. Both sides of the falls are lined with trees and plants. It is especially breathtaking in the fall when the foliage is at its peak.

The hike is a little bit strenuous, but it's worth it to go all the way to the top and see the view from above the waterfall.

Also near Kent, a bit further South is the Iron Mountain Preserve with a nice hike. The two-mile loop trail leads the observant hiker through a variety of habitats, and the human influence on the landscape is evident. has a history typical of much of Litchfield County. Early clearing for grazing, cultivation, and timber cutting in the 1700s was followed by a gradual abandonment of the land starting in the early 1800s. Predator flying in a blue skyBesides the stone walls and forest road, scattered segments of barbed wire fence give evidence of former fields in the upland forest. After much of the area was reforested, the charcoal industry again cleared nearly all of the drier forest in the mid-to late-1800's. After the charcoaling ended, the cleared areas were again left to reforest. The upland oak woods today are 60 to 100 years old, and remnants of charcoal pits are still visible.

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