The Best Festivals in Washington CT


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Welcome to our website! Come and discover a variety of activities here in and around the lovely town of Washington and you will surely find great festivals in this breathtaking region of Litchfield county that are among the best in the state of Connecticut!

The abundance and variety of activities was one of the reasons for starting our succesful business in this amazing part of the country! We would like to share our experiences here with you.

And whether it is before or after your festival adventure, remember that you already have found a marvellous place to stay the night...

The Best Festivals in Washington CT

Festivals and Fireworks

Birds eye view of a country fairFairs and festivals include year-round, multiple-day celebrations of music, food, sports, ethnic holidays, crafts, events, delicious food-themed events, and more, both indoors and outdoors. Often, vendors presents great original crafts, gift items, home-made seasonal and regional food and other great gifts and mementos to take home from your Litchfield Hills vacation. One of the many calendars can be found here.


One of the best fairs is The Bridgewater Country Fair which is a long standing tradition, preserving the character of the country fairs of yesterday, when farmers and other country folk congregated to compete with their prized livestock, produce, and arts and crafts. It was also, and still is a place where one can compare the latest farm and lawn equipment and haggle on the price of a new vehicle.

Two children standing next to a cowBesides the displays, there is a fantastic midway, featuring rides provided by Tufano Amusements, Inc., as well as great food tents all through the fairgrounds featuring our famous roast beef sandwiches, chicken breasts, or if you are in the mood for a hotdog, well, they have them as well.

Orange sky with fireworksIf you happen to be in the area on the 4th of July don't forget to see the Washington Fireworks! People come from all over the country to watch this flashing local event. You can purchase tickets for the event at town hall but a cheaper and maybe better way to see this event is right around the corner of our Bed and Breakfast. From Painter Ridge Road you have a perfect view into the valley and - a bonus - you can also see the fireworks miles away in the neighboring towns!

In the holiday season you should visit Bethlehem's Christmas Town Festival. A visit to the Bethlehem Post Office to send holiday mail has become an annual tradition for many families. You can select one of the 80 "Christmas Cachet" designs to hand-stamp your holiday greetings before mailing them off to friends and family with the Bethlehem Post Office cancel mark.

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