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    Welcome to our blogs. We started these blogs years ago when we were playing with the idea to migrate to the U.S. so you can read about the long way that brought us here and about the first years we were trying hard to establish a viable way of living in the United States...

    Living in America

    Posts: 458, last on Sunday 25 May 2014

    Ron painting ceiling in living roomAs you could have read in the previous blog the first goal has been achieved (migrating) and it was a long process...Now the time has come to focus on to the next goal: living in America. This blog is mainly aimed at the people we've left behind in the Netherlands so it's in Dutch. We've tried to inlcude a lot of pictures though, so browsing this blog is not just for Dutch speaking folks!

    Migrating to the USA

    Posts: 468, last on Wednesday 8 May 2013

    Official Homeland Securiy LogoAt the end of 2010 we had an idea and we said to each other: why don't we try this in the USA?

    And so we did ... we emigrated to the United States. In this blog (which is now closed) you can read about the whole process, from the very first idea that popped into our heads until touchdown at JFK - including obtaining the EB5 visa.

...with a touch of Dutch

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